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Handwritten Loan Application Form

Duly signed GMB Application Form with 2 Passports

Notarized Domiciliation Letter From The Employer

Severance Letter

Two Personal Guarantors With Their Passports For Loans Above =N= 1 Million

One Personal Guarantor With Their Passport For Loans That Are =N=1 Million And Below

Submission Of Valuation Report For Loans That Are =N=2,500,000 And Above

Submission Of Title Document Or Survey Plan, Land Agreement With Stamp Duty For Loans That Are =N=2,500,000 And Above

Bill Of Quantity For Loans That Are =N=2,500,000 And Above

Prequalification Form

Letter Of Non-Indebtedness From Other Bank

Offer, Acceptance And Memoradum Of Understanding

Rent Notification For Rent Loans

Global Standing Instruction

Please Note That The Following Payments Are Non-Refundable:

  • Loan application form
  • 3% Upfront Fee
  • Credit Bureau
Terms and Conditions