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1. To take up a Mortgage Protection Policy and deduct the premium from my loan.
2. That the service charge is payable prior to disbursement and is not refundable.
3. I will continue to pay my monthly contributions to the National Housing Fund Scheme even after disbursement of the loan and along with my monthly repayments if not deducted at source by my employer.
4. That principal and interest and repayment on the loan will be paid on a monthly basis.
5. To execute a Legal mortgage on the property pledged and pay the necessary fees.


(a). I hereby declare that the information given in this form are true and they shall form the basis of my contract in respect of this application with Gateway Mortgage Bank Limited.
(b). I understand that if at any time, any of the information provided above is found to be false, Gateway Mortgage Bank Limited can make an immediate formal demand for the full refund of the capital and interest due and foreclose on the loan.

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